Gifts for Him who is Traumatized and Accused

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Gifts for Him who is Traumatized and Accused

Lewis Alexander, 21, Student

A 21-year-old student who is traumatized by the breakup with his girlfriend when he was eighteen. His top quality is that he is particularly kind, but he has been wrongly accused of stealing a bicycle whilst abroad on holiday.

Here are gifts for him who is traumatized and accused.

Card Message: The Best Way To Treat a Trauma
Is To Replace It With A New Trauma.

Mini Exercise Bike. An Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser to constantly remind him of his unpleasant experience. This will create a new trauma for him, hence, aiding him in overcoming his previous trauma.

Card Message: Face Your Fear

Yeah. Go get em’ Pu-
I mean, Puurrreetty Ladies.