Gifts for Her who is Obsessed with Ghosts

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August Campbell, 68, old shop assistant

An old shop assistant who is obsessed with ghosts. August spend her youth working as a Freelance Ghost Exorcist, hoping to be certified as a professional. Unfortunately, she was never recognized. Now, she’s working as an old shop assistant.

Here are gifts for her who is obsessed with ghosts.

Card Message: You might not be a Pro in Exorcism, but you can be a Pro in this game.

Ghost Castle Board Games is perfect for 2-6 Players. She can easily win against 5 other neighbourhood kids and show off her special skills.

P.S. Comes with a Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost

Card Message: Spread the Love!

You know how old people love going on and on about their past experiences. With this Mini Portable Megaphone, she can spread her stories to a bigger audience without straining her voice!

It comes with a Voice Recorder as well so she can keep playing her proudest moments on repeat.